The Art of Mastering Money
Re-write Your Financial Story
Biblically Centered
Beliefs Focused
Lasting Change
Purpose Oriented
Do you want to re-write your
Financial Story?
  • Does fear and anxiety define how you relate to money?
  • Are you stuck in the same financial pattern and can't break through?
  • Do your relationships suffer because of money? (re-write)
  • Have you tried other financial programs that didn't work for you?
  • Do you find it difficult to follow a plan for your money?
  • Do you want to find financial freedom and renewed hope? (re-write)
THE PROSPEROUS SOUL MASTER COURSE is different than any other course on the market. Where most courses focus on developing practical skills, this course will dive deep into discovering the motivation and beliefs we have behind money and aligning them to Biblical truth, so we can walk in power and abundance. By approaching money from a wholistic perspective, we can create lasting, financial solutions in your life. In this course you will:
  • Learn 
  • Discover how to make perfect decisions from a place of purpose
  • Remove faulty beliefs keeping you from reaching your goals
  • ​Learn how 
  • ​Find peace and hope
The Prosperous Soul Master Course puts real financial solutions into your hands. Learn how to understand money from a biblical perspective, and win the war over riches and wealth. This course is practical but in a different sort of way. Where other courses rely on rules and formulas, Stephen works from the foundation of beliefs. Learn secrets that unlock your heart and open your eyes. Watch as destructive patterns fall away and momentum begins. Whether you are a beginner or expert, Prosperous Soul serves as an effective teaching system destined to change the way you think and act around money and wealth. Join Stephen on this journey and become a Prosperous Soul. 
The Prosperous Soul Master Course gives you an advantage over money. This may be the first time in your life that you’ve ever had that. Imagine the effect this will have across your life and the lives of your family. This course will teach you how to identify bad ideas, which are actually lies, and remove them, replacing them with truth. As you go through this class, your experience with money will shift from ‘fear, retreat, react’ to one that is on the offense. Money will become your servant as you serve Jesus Christ. The secrets are here, and they will change your life.
What people walk away with after this course:
  • Empowered: No matter where you are in your finances, this class will empower you to regain control over your finances.  
  •  Hope: If it feels like your financial life will never change, the breakdown of biblical truths in this class will instill a hope within you that rests on God’s truth, and not your experience.
  •  Peace: It is very easy to lose peace over the state of your finances, but this class will give you practical ways of approaching money that will remove stress and let you finally have peace where money is concerned.
  •  Wisdom: This class will show you trustworthy, tested methods of approaching your finances so you no longer have to fly by the seat of your pants.  
  •  Liberty: This class will remove fear, worry, and stress concerning your finances, so you will be able to walk in freedom.
Is this class right for you?
Most people are afraid to prosper. As we go through life, we accumulate ideas about money, God, other people, and ourselves that aren’t necessarily true. Poor mindsets manifest very painfully whenever we find ourselves in positions of power because of money, influence, or authority. We are often afraid of increase because of what could be lurking inside our hearts.

Who can benefit from this class?
This class is for people that truly want more peace, more ownership, and more value from their money. Many will choose to kick the can down the road for another day, week, month, or year. Some will choose to take their prosperity back. 

How do we view money?
Money is a spiritual power, and power will always exaggerate what is in your heart. God designed our hearts to be like a blender without a lid. So all the things that live deep in our hearts are the like the ingredients inside a blender, and power makes whatever we believe come out. What if you had a way to pull out any lies you’re believing and fill your heart with truth instead? This masterclass will help you do exactly that. It will train you to think in brand-new ways about money and your role as moneys’ master.

How is this class different?
The Prosperous Soul Master Course is different than any other money course on the market today because it methodically breaks down biblical truth and uses it to uproot lies about money in your life. Instead of just teaching you helpful principles, it goes directly to the root of the problem: What do you believe about money that isn’t true?

The secrets of the Prosperous Soul work. They change the experience with money from one of retreat to one that is on the offense. Money will become your servant as you serve Jesus Christ. In the Prosperous Soul Master Course, you will have complete access to these secrets and learn how to apply them to your life. Many people just coast through life in matters of money. They’re afraid to open their eyes and take a good look at their financial situation, so nothing ever changes. Don’t allow fear to be the thing that drives you. The Prosperous Soul Master Course can help you get back on track with your finances, so you are the one in control, not your money.
We believe so much in the power of this course. Here is what comes in the course:
Rule The World.
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Build Your Kingdom.
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Defend the Castle.
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LIFE TIME ACCESS! Learn at your own pace.
  • 15+ Hours of Video Teaching 
  • (10) 1-Hour Live Q&A Sessions with Stephen K. De Silva 
  • PDFs of the Prosperous Soul Master Course manuals, volumes 1-3 
  • $100 Discount for a Financial Sozo! 
  • Access to Special Promotions and Offers Unique to Master Course Members
Lori Wiggan, California
This curriculum has challenged me to face my fear and anxiety of money. For a long time I’ve felt I had a secret desire to become wealthy and philanthropic. But I never thought I had to steward my heart to receive it. Or even if my money patterns were sabotaging my efforts. Through this course, I got breakthrough in my thinking, which led to a change in my actions and behaviors. And now I’m on my way to building wealth. I am no longer afraid of money. The power of money no longer rules me from the inside, but I get to use it as a tool to change the world and improve my lifestyle. I have finally invited God into this part of my life and I’m freer. Stephen’s videos, wisdom and manuals helped me in my journey to get the freedom I knew was available. THANK YOU!!
Joella Opraus, Nethelands
We totally recommend the masterclass of Stephen. So much wisdom in 1 masterclass: we loved every module. It helped us to get our focus right and develop our stewardship to higher levels. Thank you so much Stephen!
Doreen Yusifzai, California
There are a lot of great classes that give you tools to manage your money but I believe this class is a foundational class everyone should have before applying any tools they learn about finances... The live question and answer period was absolutely essential to this class. This gave us time to go deeper in what we have learned and to solidify some concepts that may have been vague or difficult for us to grasp... 
Arleen Brown, Illinois
Stephen starts at the heart level before talking about budgeting and other high-anxiety topics. He knows that an orphan can't really receive, so he gently moves you away from fear and anxiety toward the Father's heart and friendship. Great teaching style--so kind and generous and willing to answer all questions. I very much enjoyed this class and am looking forward to approaching my entire life as a prosperous soul sporting good soil. :-)
Ian Traynar, United Kingdom
The course changed my whole perspective on what it means to be prosperous.
Louisa Sozo, Washington
The Prosperous Soul Master Class is one of the best investments I've ever made. Stephen DeSilva addressed so many areas of beliefs and attitudes towards God's view of money, wealth, and poverty, but he didn't leave you hanging in your trauma... He uses biblical wisdom and excellent tools (the tokens are so effective!) to make changes in thinking and expectations regarding money. One can tell that he put a lot of time and prayer into this course. Stephen is kind and humble when he speaks and answers questions. He's also got a great sense of humor! I'm now extremely hopeful regarding my financial future because I have increased capacity and expectation to steward all that God supplies. 
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